[NEW] BT21 Tamagotchi Bandai Japan [ SEP 2021]

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The popular BT21 version of the LINE FRIENDS character Tamagotchi, loved by people all over the world, is now available in the "nano" series!

A robot VAN comes from space and brings one of the BT21 BABY's to you if you spend a day with him.

You can give him milk or a burger when he's hungry, candy or a donut when he's cranky, and play four different mini-games: dancing, making candy, space flight, and shutterbugs.

If you neglect to take care of them, they will become bothered and tormented. And by taking good care of them, you can even get them on stage...!

Product size: 40mm
The contents of the game are the same for all colors.

Set includes
B21 Tamagotchi. ...1
User's Manual...1

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.


***This product had a limited distribution and was only sold in a few stores. The "NEW" in the condition description of this product does not mean that it was purchased from a distributor, but that it has not been opened. Thank you for your understanding.

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