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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japnaese. Takara Tomy 2021.


"It's like you're really touching it! "It's like I'm really touching it!

A magical sensation that you can experience through the "fusion of digital and real"!
When you put your finger in the hole on the side of the device, the sensor detects it and your finger appears on the LCD screen.

You can move your finger left and right to stroke the "puni puni" character, hold it from above for a long time and then release it to make it jump, or spin and knead the "Puni no Moto" to take care of it.

You can also spin and knead "Puni no Moto" to take care of it.
You will feel as if you are actually touching the "puni puni" characters in the digital world.

There are so many cute characters that you will get attached to!

There are over 50 original "puni puni" characters in "Punirunes".
There are three levels, "Baby Puni," "Kids Puni," and "Otona Puni," and they grow up as you mix and knead "Mix Puni" with "Puni no Moto" (three types: red, yellow, and blue) and "Fushigi Puni" (over 20 types).

The character that grows depends on the combination of "Pini no Moto" and "Fushigi Puni" that you mix.

If you leave them alone, they will melt, if you keep playing with them, rare characters will appear, and when they grow into "Otona Puni", it's time to say goodbye and leave "Puni Miyage" behind, and a new "Baby Puni" will appear.

There are many ways to play with the Puni Puni button!

By using the "puni puni" button with your finger, you can take care of your baby by eating, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. In addition, you can play six different mini-games in the "Punitto Park".In addition, you can check your friendship with Punirunes, and the more you play with them, the more your "friendship level" and "Manpuku level" will increase.

Color: Puni-Pink, Puni-Purple, Puni-Mint
Target age: 6 years and older
Product contents: Punirunes x 1, Instruction manual x 1
Product size: (W) 78 x (H) 72 x (D) 55 mm (main unit size)
Battery : 3 AAA alkaline dry cell batteries (sold separately)

Company : Takara Tomy

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