[NEW] Super Complete Selection Animation D-Ark Premium Bandai [SEP 2022]

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This product does not have any functions such as Digimon training or communication. It is a toy to enjoy the animation and sound.

This LCD toy is based on the "D-Ark" item used by the main character, Keito Matsuda, and his partner Digimon to fight in the TV anime "Digimon Tamers" broadcast in 2001.

Using the unique "Card Slash" function, which reads cards using the grooves on the side of the main body, you can enjoy the same effects as in the TV anime. The "SCSA D-Ark" set includes the main unit and 10 exclusive cards.

Each model contains a different set of cards, with the lineup focusing on the cards used in the anime. Each card has a built-in NFC tag, and when slashed into the main body of the D-Ark, it will produce an individual voice and animation.

The "SCSA D-Ark" itself has been newly sculpted for this commercialization, and has been scaled up to about 1.1 times the size of the "D-Ark Ver. 15th" released in 2017.

The larger body is equipped with a high-resolution full-color LCD that allows for a variety of animation displays.

The recorded voices are the character voices of Tamer and his partner Digimon, which are different for each version, and the character voice of Curumon, which is common to all versions.

Six songs including the theme song "The Biggest Dreamer (TV size)" are included to enliven each scene. A different version of the song 'One Vision' will be included for each model.

Models : 3models / ver. Matsuda Takato | ver. Makino Ruki | ver. Li Jianliang

Set Contents
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark ver. main body...1
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark Exclusive Digimon Card...10
User's Manual...1

Product Size
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark body...H165mm x W75mm x D50mm
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark Exclusive Digimon Card...H88mm x W63mm

Product Material
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimation D-Ark Body...ABS, PC, POM, Polyester, Nylon
SuperCompleteSelectionAnimationD-Ark Exclusive Digimon Card...PET each

Target Age
15 years old and up

AAA dry cell battery x 2 (sold separately)

Company : Premium Bandai

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