[NEW] Tamagotchi Smart 25th Anniversary Set Bandai Japan [AUG 2021]

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"The "Tamagotchi Smart 25th Anniversary Set" commemorating the 25th anniversary of the birth of Tamagotchi is now available!

The design of the main unit is a limited edition white color based on the image of the first Tamagotchi (white), and the packaging is also a reproduction of the original design.

By reading the included Tamagotchi Card 1996 Friends into the device, you will be able to nurture nostalgic characters such as Mamechi and Oyajichi, who are based on the black-and-white dots of the original Tamagotchi, as well as download a variety of items that will bring you back to the atmosphere of 1996.

Set Contents

Tamagotchi Smart White ... 1
Tamagotchi Smart Card 1996 Friends...1
Charging cable...1
User's manual...1

Product size
Tamagotchi Smart White - H65mm x W55mm x D20mm (main body part)
Belt size: 12.5 cm to 18.5 cm
Tamagotchi Smart Card 1996 Friends ... H55mm x W85mm x D5mm

Product material
Tamagotchi Smart White body: ABS, PC, TPE, PET
Tamagotchi Smart Card 1996 Friends...ABS, PVC, EP
Charging cable...PVC, LCP, PBT

Target age
6 years old and up

Lithium-ion polymer battery (built-in)
A USB port on a computer or other device is required to charge the battery.


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