[NEW] Wannyan Petshop - Nintendo Switch Japan [JUL 2021]

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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese only.

Let's have a lot of fun with your doggies in the playroom!

This pet store has a large playroom where you can train your pets and play with them. You can raise your pets without confining them to a small cage.

A "Challenge" system to motivate players!
As a shopkeeper, you will have to work a little bit every day with a goal in mind.
When you successfully complete a challenge, you can get items for your playroom and accessories for your doggie!

20 fun mini-games!
There are a total of 20 different jobs that you can experience as fun mini-games, such as taking care of your doggie, such as trimming, shampooing, and brushing teeth, and store work, such as reading barcodes at the cash register and putting price tags on products.

18 popular doggie types!
This game features 18 popular cat breeds such as the American Show, Munchkin, and Scottish Fold, as well as popular dog breeds such as the Poodle, Chihuahua, and Dachshund.

Take good care of your Wannyan babies so that they can meet their destined owners!
The goal of a pet store clerk is to help cute doggies find owners who will take good care of them. Take good care of them and send them off to a happy future!

Supported modes/people: Mobile mode (1 player), TV mode (1 player), Table mode (1 player)

Region : Free
Language: Japanese Only
Supported devices: Nintendo Switch

Condition : NEW
JAN: 4549767126210
Product Company : NIPPON COLUMBIA

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