[Clearance][NEW] Vital Bracelet Digital Monster DimCARD Evolution File [MID JUN 2021] Bandai

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The "DimCARD Evolution File" is designed to collect DimCards, which are linked to the "Vital Breath Digital Monster" series of wearable LCD toys that allow you to develop and evolve your character based on your heart rate and steps.

It can hold up to 10 DimCards (sold separately).
It also comes with 5 evolution sheets that contain evolution information for Digimon included in Dim Card Set vol.02 and earlier.
Each evolution chart sheet can be stored inside the file.
(All items other than those included in this product are sold separately.)

Set Contents
DimCARD Evolution File : 1
Evolution Chart Sheet...5

Product size
H153mm x W113mm x D20mm

Product material

Age range
8 years old and up

Product Company :Bandai
JAN: 4549660710387

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