[NEW] Vital Bracelet Characters - Ultraman 55th Edition Premium Bandai [NOV 2021]

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Attention about lithium-ion battery
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Product Description

In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the Ultraman series, the "Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman 55th Edition" is now available, which includes a limited edition "VBM Card Ultra 6 Brothers". This product is a wearable terminal-type toy that uses activity data such as heart rate and number of steps to develop and change the character.

Product Features
(1) Develops and changes characters according to heart rate and step count data

This product has a built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer function, and the character on the screen changes according to your daily activities. As the heart rate and the number of steps increase, the character in the screen will change more strongly.

Reacts to smart phones and other IC devices

This product has a built-in "NFC tag" that can be linked to IC devices such as smartphones. By touching a smartphone that emits radio waves or an electronic payment device such as a card reader in town, a copy Ultraman or a copy monster will appear on the screen, and you can auto-battle with the character you are raising.

(3) You can manage and save your character development with a dedicated application.

You can save and manage your character's development in conjunction with the dedicated smartphone application.

(4) Interlocking item "VBM Card" expands play.

You can increase the number of characters you can train by using the separately sold "VBM Card" interlocking item.

When the VBM card that comes with the main unit is loaded into "Vital Bracelet Characters", the PHASE 1 character "Ultra Baby" will appear in the Vital Bracelet. By wearing the Vital Bracelet on your arm, you can nurture your character through daily activities as well as missions focusing on various exercises.

How to play the product

1.PULSE LINK (Pulse Link)

The character's vital values (state) and mental state fluctuate in accordance with the user's activity data (heart rate and number of steps), leading to changes.


Touching the "Vital Bracelet" to an IC device that emits radio waves, such as a smartphone, will trigger an auto battle. The winning rate of the battle depends on the user's activity and the character's mental state, which affects the character's development and changes.

3.APP LOG LINK (Uplog Link)

You can save your character to the app in conjunction with a dedicated smartphone application.

The change branch of the character depends on the vital values, winning rate, and the number of missions completed as described above. The changes that occur depending on each user's activities are part of the fun. It is possible to develop your own character through your own activities.

Interlocking item "VBM Card" to expand play

The "VBM Card" series (sold separately) is an interlocking item that expands the play of this product. The VBM Card series (sold separately) is an interlocking item that expands the play of this product. By interlocking the VBM Card series with the Vital Bracelet Characters, the number of characters that can be developed can be expanded.

The data of the characters that can be trained differs depending on the "VBM Card", and the number of "VBM Cards" allows you to train new characters. The "VBM Card" series is scheduled to be expanded in the future.

The Vital Bracelet Characters included in this product are the same as the Vital Bracelet Characters included in the Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider 50th Edition, Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman Set, and Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider Set.

Set Contents
Vital Bracelet Characters (Ultraman 55th Edition)...1
VBM Card: Six Ultra Brothers...1
VS VBM Card...1
Charging Cable...1
User's Manual...1

Product size
H45mm x W20mm x D15mm (excluding the band)
(Arm circumference: approx. 16 - 21 cm)

Product material
Charging cable:PVC・LCP・PBT

Target age
8 years old and up

Lithium-ion polymer battery (built-in)
A USB port on a computer or other device is required to charge the battery.


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