[Clearance][NEW] VBM Card Ultraman- Ultraman Tiga [DEC 18 2021]

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Characters can be developed and evolved according to the amount of activity such as heart rate and number of steps taken VBM Card Ultraman Tiga" appears in the "VBM Cards" that are linked to the "Vital Bracelet Characters" wearable LCD toy series.

This VBM card contains the evolution line of Ultraman Tiga and his derivative Ultraman.

***The contents are the same as the Ultraman Tiga VBM Card included in the Vital Bracelet Characters Ultraman Set.
***VBM Cards are not guaranteed to work with Vital Bracelet Digital Monsters or Vital Bracelet Digi-Vice.
***The app "Vital Bracelet Lab" is not supported.

Set includes
Ultraman Tiga VBM Card: 1


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