[NEW] Torevetchi Hugmy Tamaghotchi Set -Manjirotchi ver. | Drakentchi ver. [ MAR 2023 ] Premium Bandai Japan

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[Premium Bandai Limited item]

Torevetchi" is a collaboration product between Tamagotchi and "Tokyo Revengers," which began serialization in Shonen Magazine in 2017 and was made into an anime in 2021.

Hugmy Tamagotchi" is a cute figure of a character hugging "Torevetchi. The Torevetchi can be removed and displayed as a soft vinyl figure by itself.

The color of the body is based on the image of each character, with Manjirotchi ver. using red as a base color and featuring a motorcycle and taiyaki, and Drakentchi ver. featuring a dragon design and Emma's plush toy.

More than 25 characters can be developed, including the main character Hanagaki Takemichi and Tokyo Manji Gang members Sano Manjiro and Ryuguji Ken. By training various characters, new characters will be introduced.

The play content is packed with elements inspired by "Tokyo Revengers," and mini-games allow players to play bike races and crane games.

In addition, at regular intervals, you can view memorable scenes from "Tokyo Revengers" and characters other than the characters you are training will also appear in the game.

Set Contents
Torevetchi ....1
Hugmy Tamagotchi set (soft vinyl)...1


Torevetchi H40mm x W30mm x D25mm

Hugmy Tamagotchi set (soft vinyl)
Manjirotchi ver....H100mm×W80mm×D85mm
Drakentchi ver. H100mm x W70mm x D75mm

Product material
Torevetchi ... ABS, PC, SI
Hugmy Tamagotchi set (soft vinyl) ... PVC

6 years old and up

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.

Japanese product. The language is in Japanese.

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