[NEW] Sumikko Gurashi - Sumikko Mikke DX - The Movie -Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko- Takara Tomy Japan [ OCT 2 2021 ]

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Get a camera and a Sumikko! "A DX version of Sumikko Mikke" is now available with special items!

The game comes with (1) a special silicon cover, (2) a glittery dress-up sheet, and (3) a neck strap designed by Sumikko Gurashi the Movie.

In addition, you'll be able to get special Sumikko characters that are only available in the movie version of the game!

*Build traps to get Sumikko! Use the camera to read the necessary colors to complete the traps!

*Use the camera to read the necessary colors to complete the traps. Follow the Sumikko that appear and grab them with the camera! Press the shutter button at the right time to get it!

*There are more than 140 Sumikko and Minikko in the game! Capture and collect over 140 Sumikko and Minikko!

*Use the camera to take care of Sumikko, and if you make friends with her, you might get an item!

*There are a total of nine different care menus, including food, wake up, bath, outing, and shopping.

*Shichihenge Gohan mode... You can get various "Gohan items" depending on the color you capture with the camera!

*Chameleon Okigae mode: Use the camera to change the colors of your Mimikko's clothes! Enjoy coordinating their outfits.

*You can use the camera to change the colors of the Sumikko's clothes!

*Take pictures with Sumikko! Up to 50 photos can be saved. Up to 50 photos can be saved (can only be viewed and saved on the main unit).

*Six mini-games are included! Some games can be played in "Normal" or "Difficult" mode.

*Some games can be played in "Normal" or "Difficult" mode. Colors may not be recognized correctly due to light reflection or ambient brightness.

Product Contents
Main unit of SumikkoMikke DX(1)
Reversible Changeable Sheet (1)
Silicone Cover(1)
User's Manual(1)

Company: Takara Tomy

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