[NEW] Oshiri Tantei (Butt Detective) Puputto Kaiketsu Game Takara Tomy Japan [ OCT 2020 ]

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About Oshiri Tantei (Butt Detective)
Oshiri tantei (Butt Detective) is a children’s show about an anthropomorphic butt that solves crime. His super sleuthing skills include being able to emit noxious farts from his face. The Butt Detective behaves like a perfect English gentleman, except that his face looks like a butt, and he blows farts from his face!


There are 100 different cases in total. When you place an item in your office, a client will come with a case.
You can get coins by completing mini-games and solving cases.

The game has 31 characters in total, and you can meet and talk to many different characters on the streets (you can only meet 28 of them).

The game features the popular character Brown's room, where you can play with him and become friends with his assistant, Brown.
The famous line "Pardon me while I poot it in your place" voice and the sound of farting are also included for a better view of the world.

You can set the date and time for the game, and depending on the day, you can get a discount on items or special events.

The seat is reversible, so you can turn it over and dress it differently.
Oshiri Tantei is a handheld LCD game with all the charm of Oshiri Tantei.


Main Unit(1),Replaceable Sheet(1),User's Manual(1)

Company : Takara Tomy
JAN: 4904810165217

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