[NEW] Kamen Ridertchi 50th Anniversary Ver. Premium Bandai Japan [DEC 2021]

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"Kamen Rider ("Masked Rider" in English) 50th Anniversary" and "Tamagotchi 25th Anniversary" Collaboration Product

"Kamen Ridertchi" is here!
~It contains more than 40 Kamen Riders from the Showa, Heisei, and Japanese eras!

Product Description

More than 40 Masked Riders from the Showa Era to 2021 can be raised!

In this product, a total of more than 40 types of past Masked Riders of the "Masked Rider Series", which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021, can be raised, and the history of Masked Riders can be experienced with the "Tamagotchi", making it a product specification suitable for each anniversary. There are also more than 7 secret Kamen Riders included, making the 40 types one of the largest collections in the Tamagotchi nano series.

Two colors of the main unit based on the image of Kamen Rider.

The main unit comes in two designs: "Genesis Green" based on the image of Masked Rider No. 1, and "Legacy Gold" based on the image of the final power-up form that has frequently appeared in the history of Masked Riders from the Showa era to the end of the Showa era.

Let's train your favorite Kamen Rider! Mini-games are included!

By taking care of the "Shonen Masked Rider," which is the basic character at the start of the game, and playing mini-games, you can develop him into a variety of Masked Riders.
The two mini-games are "Rider Kick" and "Challenge Ride," both of which are based on the world view of Kamen Rider. In "Rider Kick," you hit the button while the Kamen Rider displayed on the screen is running.
In the "Challenge Ride" game, players try to make the Kamen Rider run while avoiding obstacles.

**The content of the game is the same for all colors.

Set Contents
Kamen Ridertchi...1

Product size
H40mm x W30mm x D25mm

Product material
Body...ABS, PC, SI

Target age
6 years old and up

LR44 x 2
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.

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