[NEW] Gesshizu -Morino Chiisana Nakamatachi- Nintendo Switch Virtual Pet Game Japan [22 JUL 2020]

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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese only.

Let's make Gesshizu happy by living in the forest!

"Gesshizu Morino Chiisana Nakamatachi" is a heartwarming communication game in which you have to take care of Gesshizu and play with them to collect the "happy feelings" they need to grow a "tree of happiness" in the forest.

Let's take care of cute Gesshizu from morning till night!

Gesshizu loves to eat good food, work, play, and move around energetically.
The more you take care of them, the more adorable they will be.

Many collection items such as redecorating and accessories!

As you progress through the game, Gesshizu will ask you for some delicious food, some cute trinkets, a car in the forest square, and so on.
If you respond to their wishes, you will receive a lot of happiness.
There are more than 200 different types of food, accessories, and forest items to choose from, so collecting them is one of the fun things to do.

Heart thump! There are 15 mini-games to get you excited about!

Gesshizu loves to play more than anything else. There are 15 different mini-games in the game to play with them.
Fishing, fruit gathering, and other fun mini-games that are typical of Gesshizu, who lives in a natural forest.

3 mini game modes to play against family and friends!

In this game, there are three different mini game modes that you can play with your family and friends using the mini games in the game, which are not included in the main game.

1.Acorn contest mode
In this mode, you can win if you can eat four acorns for each win in the mini-game.

2.Gesshizu panel mode
In this mode, you can win the mini-games and increase your panels.

3. Free play mode
This mode allows you to play your favorite mini-games as much as you want.
All modes can be enjoyed by up to four players with Joy-Con's sobriety play.

Genre: Communication

Play mode and number of players: TV mode...1 to 4 players, table mode...1 to 4 players, portable mode...1 player

Supported models: Nintendo Switch


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Language: Japanese Only

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