[NEW] Digital Monster COLOR (Ver.1-2)Premium Bandai [FEB 2023]
[NEW] Digital Monster COLOR (Ver.1-2)Premium Bandai [FEB 2023]
[NEW] Digital Monster COLOR (Ver.1-2)Premium Bandai [FEB 2023]
[NEW] Digital Monster COLOR (Ver.1-2)Premium Bandai [FEB 2023]

[NEW] Digital Monster COLOR (Ver.1-2)Premium Bandai [FEB 2023]

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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "Digital Monster"!
Finally, "Digital Monster COLOR" with color LCD!
~The new "Digital Monster COLOR" is a modern version based on the 1997 version! ~The new version is a modern version based on the one released in 1997!

Product Description
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of Digital Monster, "Digital Monster COLOR" and "Digital Monster COLOR Ver.2" will be released, which are renewed versions of the "Digital Monster" and "Digital Monster Ver.2" LCD toys released in 1997 with color LCDs.

The "Digital Monster COLOR" and "Digital Monster COLOR Ver.2" will be available in four colors: original brown and original gray for the "Digital Monster" and original white and original black for the "Digital Monster Ver.2.
The two colors of "Digital Monster Ver. 2" will be reissued for the first time.

The appearance of the main unit was newly designed based on the shape of the original version released in 1997, and the color LCD and built-in rechargeable battery were realized without sacrificing the size of the device.

The LCD is the first color LCD in the original Digital Monster. Not only were the characters in color, but the background design could be changed, which was not possible at the time. It is also possible to obtain new background images through the ability to communicate with different versions, for example.

In addition, the rechargeable battery built into the device allows it to be played by charging it with the included charging cable. The charging cable is compatible with USB Type-C.
*A USB port on a computer or other device is required for charging.

The Digimon that appear in the product are based on the lineup that existed when the product was first released in 1997, and have been reorganized by version.

Digital Monster COLOR" includes a total of 18 Digimon, including Agumon and Tyrannomon, while "Digital Monster COLOR Ver. 2" includes a total of 18 Digimon, including Gabumon and Garurumon.

All fully-formed Digimon can evolve to the ultimate form, and Monzaemon and Vedamon, which did not evolve to the ultimate form in the first Digital Monster, evolve to the ultimate form, Shinmonzaemon and Evamon, in this product. Digimon that combine through communication with different versions will also appear.

While recreating the nostalgic presentation of the original product, the training function that appeared in the 1997 versions of "Digital Monster" and "Digital Monster Ver. 2" is included in each version of the product. A battle mode that can be played alone without communication is also included.

This product also has enhanced user support functions, and the speed of training has been increased compared to the 1997 version.

It also features a cold mode, in which growth is stopped while the Digimon is cold and its belly and muscle strength do not decrease, and a backup system that allows the user to save up to one Digimon in training as a backup.

The program is the same regardless of the body color.

This product is compatible only with the "Digital Monster COLOR" series.

Set Contents
Digital Monster COLOR main unit ... 1
Charging cable ... 1

Product size
Digital Monster COLOR main unit ... H44mm x W63mm x D19mm

Product material
Digital Monster COLOR body ... ABS, PC, SI
Charging cable ... TPE, LCP, PBT

15 years old and up

Lithium-ion polymer battery (built-in)
USB port such as PC is required for charging.

Company : Premium Bandai

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