[NEW] Digimon Adventure - The Digimon NEW COLLECTION Vol.3 Premium BANDAI Japan [MAY 2022]

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From the Digimon series, "The Digimon", a format series of cages and figures released in 1998, has been reissued as a NEW COLLECTION.

We will be releasing "NEW COLLECTION vol.3", which is a sequel to the product released in July 2021.

The Digimon that were released at the time have been re-colored and sculpted using current technology. In addition to the original lineup, new Digimon have been added to the collection. The figure's modeling has been reworked to improve detail and balance, and its distinctive fangs have been reworked to increase the density of its coloring. The pose is now more powerful than the previous version.

The cage that comes with the figure can be easily removed even when stacked, and the front door can be opened to display the figure more clearly.

The cage can be lined up or stacked, allowing for a large volume display by collecting the series.

In addition to the previously released Botamon, Koromon and Mamemon, Airdramon, and Seadramon, a new addition is Omegamon, the fused form of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

Set Contents
The Digimon (figure, cage-shaped case): 4 sets
(Botamon, Koromon and Mamemon, Airdramon, Seadramon, and Omegamon)

Product Size
Figure (Botamon & Koromon)... H16.3mm x W34.6mm x D26.9mm/Figure (Mamemon) ... H21.1mm x W31.7mm x D17.3mm
Figure (Airdramon) ... H40.3 mm x W41.3 mm x D48.0 mm
Figure (Seadramon) ... H42.4 mm x W33.6 mm x D52.8 mm
Figure (Omegamon) ... H44.2 mm x W49.0 mm x D22.1 mm
Cage-shaped case... each H58mm x W63mm x D63mm

Product material
Figure ... PVC
Cage-type case...ABS

Age Range
6 years old and up

Comapny : Premium BANDAI

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