[NEW] Digimon Hugcot vol.02 Mini Figure Gashapon Toy [ JAN 2022] Bandai Japan – Blind Package

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***Blind Package : 1pcs includes 1x figure. There are a total of 6 kinds and it’s blind package, you don’t know which ones will be included. You can’t choose the type.

***No capsule : Starting from October 2023, shipping fees now take volume into consideration. Therefore, shipping with the capsule for Gashapon products will result in higher shipping costs. As a result, Gashapon items will be shipped without the capsule.

The Hugcot series, a cute representation of a hugging cable!
Digimon Vol. 2!

In addition to the three types of Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon from the popular "Ghost Game," the lineup also includes Agumon, Veemon, and Guilmon! Let's display them in a cute way!

*6 Models: Gammamon, Angoramon, Jellymon,Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon

Product Comapny : Bandai

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