[NEW] Delicious Party Precure -Heart Cure Watch Party Up ver. Children's Lunch Set Bandai Japan [ SEP 10 2022 ]

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From "Delicious Party ♡ Precure
Heart Cure Watch Party Up Ver. Children's Lunch Set" is here!

Let's transform Heart Cure Watch into Party Up and play with it!
This is a set item that can be played with in two ways by reconfiguring the parts of the "Heart Cure Watch" and the powered-up "Heart Cure Watch Party Up Ver.

Heart Cure Watch" can be used to make dishes from a cooking menu of over 45 kinds, and then transformed into a "Heart Cure Watch Party Up Version" by giving it to Come Come.
You can enjoy nurturing the "Heart Cure Watch" by making dishes from more than 45 cooking menus and feeding them to your "Rice-Come-Come". You can play with more than 75 kinds of games, such as mini-games, lessons, and so on.

More than 10 kinds of play can be added with "Pre-Data Memory" and "Recipipipi for Children's Lunch"!
By adding additional playthings, you can enjoy the product longer.

The contents added to the "pre-data memory" are as follows.
Party Up Makeover
Party Candle Tact
Cookie fortune-telling (mini-game)
Energy Fairy Run (mini-game)

Contents added by scanning the Recipipipi of children's lunch
Recipe for children's lunch
Movie technique・Precure! Precious Eternal Dreamia!
Letters from Pam Pam and Mem Men (in their special appearance in the movie)
Pam Pam and Men Men come to play in the garden.

Set includes
Heart Cure Watch ... 1 (with belt and belt clasp)
Party up cover ... 1
Recipipi for children's lunch...1
Pre-data memory ... 1
Charging cable ...1
Instruction manual...1

Lipo × 1 (built-in)

Company: Bandai

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