[Closed][Sale] Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE - NOV 25-28 !!

[Closed][Sale] Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE - NOV 25-28 !!
(Sale Closed: Thank you for your purchase!)

Thank you always for your purchase! Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE this year will be for 4 days, November 25-28. We hope you'll enjoy it :)

Sale Details

1. Special Offer Items!

Over 30 items, including the popular Tamagotchi Smart, are at unbeatable prices!  Please see the following page!  While supplies last. Please purchase as soon as possible!


Examples are as follows : 

and more items ! Check ! 

2. 10% OFF Coupon

This 10% OFF coupon can be used on all items except Special Offer Items, Latest Release Items ([Not-on-Sale] in product title), and pre-order items.

Code: JYW_10OFF_BFCM2022

3. Giveaway

During the sale period, get one of "jujutsutchi" as a gift when you purchase any of the special offer items! (You cannot choose the type)

Enjoy our sale! We look forward to your orders!