[Information] About the global release of "Tamagotchi Uni" and Prize "Tama Passport"

[Information] About the global release of
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The global release of "Tamagotchi Uni"
Regarding the Tamagotchi Uni, finally the same model will be released worldwide at the same day! We are happy that Tamagotchi has been accepted as a formal global content :)

We will be selling pre-orders for the Japanese version but we think the same product may be released in your country. Our sales are mainly for those who do not have sales in their own country and those who want Japanese package products or prize. (The Japanese version can also be played in 7 languages including English. )

About the prize of early purchase 
Bandai Japan has announced a campaign to grant "Tama Passport" as an early purchase prize.

Regarding this campaign in our store, we have been told that only about 50-60% of our stock can be allocated prizes. (we have not been given the exact number). So it will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will end as soon as it is gone.

This time, since the global release has been decided, we have a much smaller stocks than usual so if you are interested, please place your order as soon as possible.. Also, prize are limited to one per order. (Even if you purchase multiple Uni, you will only receive one prize.)

Also, the belt and strap will be released at the same time in Japan. We also have screen protect film as usual, so please check it out. (The film will be available several days after the release date.)

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More Tamagotchi fans in the world through Tamagotchi Uni !
We will continue to sell Japanese ver., past Japanese models, goods, Digimon and other electronic toys, so we appreciate your continued patronage!

We hope that there will be more Tamagotchi fans in the world through Tamagotchi Uni :)